Our wedding party

Our wedding party is comprised of dear friends and family.

Erin's attendants
  • LeAnn Macpherson, Matron Of Honor
    LeAnn & Erin grew up 8 miles from each other and met a few times during high school. Both decided to attend UNK and it was there that they became close friends. LeAnn and Erin can always find something fun to do together and continue to have a close friendship through long distance.
  • Jamie Goodner, Maid Of Honor
    Jamie and Erin met a few years ago through some mutual friends and quickly became close friends! Jamie has a big heart and is a beautiful person inside and out!
  • Kari Knopik, Bridesmaid
    Kari and Erin met through a mutual friend a few years ago and have gradually become close friends. Kari owns a successful barbershop and is always a blast to hang out with.
  • Debbi Dolezal, Bridesmaid
    Debbi and Erin first met in the dorms during college. After moving out they kept running into each other around town and became fast friends. Debbi is one of the sweetest people ever and always fun to hang out with!
  • Amber Davis, Bridesmaid
    Amber is Adam's little sister. Amber has always looked up to Adam and is very excited to be a part of the wedding.
  • Avery Cantrell, Flower Girl
    Avery is Erin's adorable niece. She is a very bright and energetic little girl who will make a great flower girl!
Adam 's attendants
  • Mark Breckner, Best Man
    Adam and Mark met when working together at Radio Schack. Since then the two have remained best friends. Mark and Adam have a mutual love for family guy and are always quoting it together.
  • Willy Camby, Groomsman
    Adam met Willy when he moved to Hastings for college. Over the years the two have been roommates off and on and close friends. Despite many changes in their life and sometimes distance, they have remained close friends.
  • Tye Eatherton, Groomsman
    Tye met Erin while volunteering at the NAP office. During his time volunteering they became good friends. Tye and Erin have been each other's rock through many ups and downs.
  • Matt Uphoff, Groomsman
    Erin & Adam have both been friends with Matt for many years but met and knew him at different times. Erin met Matt through mutual friends in college. Adam actually worked with Matt a few years ago at US Cellular. Becuase of Matt, Erin & Adam first met at his wedding to his wife Megan.
  • Josh Cantrell, Usher
    Josh is Erin's older brother. Josh is a lot of fun to be around and Erin & Adam are happy to have him be apart of their wedding.
  • Andrew Cantrell, Usher
    Andrew is Erin's younger brother. Growing up they spent a lot of time together and sometimes Andrew thought he was the older brother :) Andrew is there when his sister really needs him and she is glad he will be a part of the wedding.
  • Kevin Madsen, Usher
    Kevin and Erin met through a mutual friend a few years ago and from then on were close friends and neighbors for awhile. Anyone who meets Kevin will notice his amazing personality and great sense of humor.
  • TJ Jones, Groomsman
    TJ and Adam met while working in Kearney together. TJ has always been a great friend to Adam even through long distance. TJ also knew Erin in college and was very happy for Adam when they met. Adam and TJ also share a strong love for the show "Scrubs".
  • Chris Holtmeier, Usher
    Chris, known to some as "Stoner" has known Adam since they were about 4 years old. Adam and Chris shared a lot of great times growing up and are still close friends.
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